Friday, March 20, 2015

Experiencing His Faithfulness

Sons and Daughters of God

CLP Christian Ideal of Loving God

HHTTalk 3 Faith and Humble Leadership

It was a very overwhelming day as God continue to reveal His Love through His beloved children. I slept late last night after a very inspiring cluster household because I needed to finish my presentation for our Chapter Prayer Assembly. Thank You Lord Jesus for the strength.

I woke up early and had a short conversation to God asking His wisdom and empowerment for the rest of the day.

God's message in our prayer assembly was as we are enjoying the sonship, we have the privilege of being in authority, His inheritance and access. With these privileges, we just need to be reminded always that we need to use in the way God wanted it to be utilized. Is it directed to HIM or leading away from him? I was in awe when out life was compared to the scene where Jesus was with His apostles in a boat facing a raging storm. Our earthy life was compared to the boat and as it will be facing so many storms, we should never be afraid because Christ is with us.  He is always with us!

We heard so many sharing  about their daily encounter  with God. Sister Love shared her so many encounters with Christ during Pre-Icon and Icon. Sister Den shared and compared her experience in Pre Icon and Icon with her twice Europe pilgrimage. They are both overwhelmed with their encounter with Christ especially with the people they met in the conference.

Rhonnie and I were given the privilege to share our WGAT experience. How God allowed our faith to be in action. We shared about the prison ministry and our visit in National Bilibid Prison. We also shared our experience with CFC works for the poor through ANCOP Village Immersion and Cornerstone. With our sharing, we were able to explain to them the CFC mission of building the church of the poor. We even initiated the Mineral Water Bottle bank for ANCOP and got a very good response. Looking forward for December as we will be collecting these bottles.
We ended the Prayer assembly with a pray over for all the birthday celebrants of Februay and March led by Bro. Rhonnie.
We had our fellowship "swallowship" there after. Thank you so much for the generosity of our brothers and sisters especially to Bro. Keneth who brought Donuts for us. 
We then proceed to our Mega CLP and our speaker was Sis. Maru. We were reminded of how should we bring back His love to us. To love Him with all our Heart, Mind and strength. I was reminded again of putting HIM above all. Mark 6:33 "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and the rest will follow"

After the CLP, we had our HHT ( Household Head Teaching). I really forgot to assign or look for a speaker for that session so I left no choice but to give it. We had the smash game which I learned from GAT and asked them to ask 2 questions "What is your greatest fear? and "na broken hearted ka na ba?" The game was really great and fun. The session was really very interactive and allowed us to be reminded that us leaders we are called to not just bring them to a group but to bring them to Christ. To be like Paul who became fool for Christ. Our faith derived from the faithfulness of God. Throughout our journey we established faith because God is forever faithful. We might be experiencing so many things but our guarantee is HIS FAITHFULNESS. We empowered and honored brothers and sisters who stood up amidst adversity and weaknesses in life. We even asked Bro. Christian who used to be very silent brother to serenade us with a song. Bro. Topher randomly asked to lead us in closing worship. EMPOWERED!!!

As God is ever faithful to His faithful servants, he blessed us with a treat from Bro. Rhonnie. Initial plan was to have a halohalo but God is really full of surprises, our simple halo halo turned to Eat all You Can buffet with bottomless Halo halo. See He only needs our Yes and He will reward us with bounty. 

I just want to honor all of SFC Sharjah Chapter 2 leaders who un tirelessly devoted their talents, time and treasure for His Glory. Our day was jam packed with all of His works (PA, CLP, ME united practices, senakulo and HHT) but He rewarded us with so much inspiration, empowerment, fun, laughter and most of all HIS LOVE.

Thank You Lord Jesus for another day full of surprises. May we always be excited to serve you more, pray for you more and TO LOVE MORE.

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